CHANEL CHANEL Coco Mark Necklace C19C Pink x Silver Plating [Like New] Ladies

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■ Condition: There are some small scratches.
There is some rubbing and dirt on the box.

■ Brand Name: CHANEL (Chanel)
■ Product Name: Coco Mark Necklace C19C
■ Color: Pink x Silver
Material: Plated
■ Size: Approximately 60cm around the neck / Motif about W1.6 x H1.4cm [including frame, Vatican, etc.]
■ Accessories: Storage box
※ In principle, items not listed in the accessories column are not included.

Product number (model number)2107600751252
typeBrand wallet and accessories
ColorPink x Silver
sizeAround neck 60cm / motif about W1.6 × H1.4cm [including frame, Vatican, etc.]
accessoriesStorage box
Product attribute2

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