FENDI Fendi Zucca Umbrella Casa Folding Umbrella Other Fashion Accessories Nylon Pink Beige Ladies [Used]

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There is a fold wrinkle in the fabric, and a thread jumps out near the dew end. There are also scratches on the ribs and the lower part in some places, as well as scratches, metal parts, dirt, dark spots and rust. There are other parts where the thread jumps out. You can still patronize it without any noticeable damage. There is a feeling of use, but you can use it regularly. There may be damage that cannot be described. Please understand.
Outside: Surface: scratches, threads, wrinkles

Inside, other: Hardware: small scratches, dirt, rust, dullness

Type Zucca Model umbrella Casa Line folding umbrella Product Description It is a folding umbrella of Zenda pattern of Fendi. It is a cute umbrella that you can see at a glance with a classic zucca pattern and it is Fendi. Useful for compact folding.
ColorPink beige / pink
sizeAbout 54cm x 110cm
Total length: about 54 cm

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