CHANEL 【Chanel】 Matrasse tweed chain shoulder bag lambskin beige × gold hardware

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● Product Name: CHANEL 【Chanel】
Matrasse tweed chain shoulder bag ● Model number: -
● Color: Beige × Gold Hardware ● Material: Lambskin ● Size: Approx W27.5cm × H19cm × D10cm
Chain length: about 60 cm
● Specifications: zipper opening and closing type Inside: zip pocket × 1
Two open pockets
● Accessories: Serial seal preservation bag ● Product rank: AB rank There are slight type collapse on the outer side, some square threads, dirty, metal fittings have plating peeling and Kusumi.
Although there are some dirt and wrinkles on the inside, there are no conspicuous damage, etc. It is a relatively beautiful state as a whole.
● Comment: Chanel's Matrasse tweed chain shoulder is in stock.
It is a stylish shoulder bag of tweed material to a lambskin material with good touch.
There is storage power more than it looks at moderate size, usability is outstanding.
From everyday use, it is perfect for small outings.
Certainly how about you on this occasion?
Do not miss this opportunity as it is an actual item!
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