Cartier [Cartier] Masutokorize Vermeille Ladies watch battery powered quartz QZ 925 925 gold plated leather belt leather ivory dial Bordeaux [pre]

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● Product name: Cartier 【Cartier】
Must Corrize Vermeille Ladies Watch
● Model number:-
Color ●: Gold × Bordeaux
Dial: Ivory
Material ●: 925 Silver (gold plated) × leather
Size ●: Case diameter: about 24 mm (excluding crown)
Arms around: about 16 cm to 19.5 cm (adjustable)
Specifications ●: Quartz (battery type)
Accessories ●: box / warranty card (6 months warranty)
● Product rank: B rank
The overall feeling of use can be seen. There is a habit, rubbing, discoloration, and a few cracks on the belt.
There are small scratches, dents and chips on the case, bezel, back lock and back cover. There is a feeling of use,
Confirmed operation (2017.4), so you can use it with confidence.
-Comment: It is the introduction of the Mastocolise Vermeille from Cartier!
It is a gem of adult atmosphere from the case of gold color and leather belt of Bordeaux!
The combination of the popular ivory dial and the Roman index on the blue sword-shaped needle
Cartier's own durable gold-plated gold 925 case
If you are concerned about this product, there is only one point of stock, so be sure to take this opportunity!
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