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MARCBYMARC JACOBS 【MarkByMark Jacobs】 Cell Frame Sunglasses MMJ 037 / S Belt Elegant Apparel Brown Eyewear Brand Eyeglasses [Used]

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● Product name: MARCBYMARCJACOBS 【MarkByMark Jacobs】
Cell frame Sunglasses Beige handle pattern ●: MMJ 037 / S
- Color: Frame: Brown lens: Clear brown - Material: Plastic - Size: Front width: Approximately 13 cm
Temple length: about 13 cm
Lens: About W 6 cm × H 5.3 cm
● Specifications: -
● Accessory: genuine case ● Product rank: A rank There are slight small scratches on the frame, but there are no conspicuous damage, etc. It is a very beautiful state as a whole.
● Comment: Marc By Marc Jacob's stock of sunglasses.
The temple is decorated with separate motifs on the right and left, "Jacob" design.
Cover a wide area securely with a big lens.
It is a gem that you can use even elegantly casually.
It is an excellent one that anyone can use regardless of age.
Certainly how about you on this occasion?
Do not miss this opportunity as it is an actual item!
category sunglasses
brandMarc By Marc Jacobs
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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