CELINE [Celine] ladies sunglasses silver × red logo SC1037 stainless steel × plastic [pre]

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Management No. ho-10131-az
brand name CELINE 【Celine】
Product name -
Model number SC 1037
Color Red × Silver
Material Stainless steel × plastic
Width: Approximately 14 cm
Temple about 11.5 cm
Lens: about W 7 cm × H 3.5 cm
specification -
accessories None
A rank
There are some small scratches on the stainless steel.
There are small scratches on the lens, but it is not as prominent.
There is no trace marked conspicuously overall, it is a beautiful gem.
comment It is an introduction of Celine's sunglasses.
In Temple, the silver logo mark is designed.
In addition, the lens has a logo mark, it is a brand appeal patchy.
With a fashionable design, it is a wonderful gem even if you put it on your head as a hair access.
category sunglasses
Part number (model number)SC 1037
typeBrand wallet · accessory
MaterialStainless steel × plastic

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