BALLY [Bally] Leather Flat Shoes Ballet Shoes Shoes Flower White Ivory Women's approximately 23 cm [pre]

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● Product Name: BALLY [Barry]
Leather flat shoes ● Model number: -
● Color: Ivory ● Material: Leather ● Size: Notation size 36EU 5 1 / 2US
About 23 cm
● Specifications: -
- Accessory: Box (with damage)
● Product rank: B rank leather has wrinkles, light dirt, a little thread. Inside also wrinkles, thin dirt, bond stains, dirt on the bottom, threads, cracks, a slight decrease in the heel portion can be seen. Although there is a feeling of use, it is still in a state you can use. Since it is goods with a feeling of use, there may be damage which can not be described. Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
● Comment: It is an introduction of Leather Flat Shoes from Barry !! Flower of the front to a ivory color is very fashionable and elegant gem! Because it is flat it's better to be less tired from walking for a long time !! Age / epidemic regardless You can use it in various scenes from casual to formal. Why do not you take this opportunity? Since it is one item in reality, please purchase as soon as possible.
category Other sundries
Part number (model number)-
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeOther sundries
accessoriesBox (with damage)

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