HERMES 【HERMES】 美 品 Negonda gold garden party PM □ K tote bag leather brown silver fittings

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● Product Name: HERMES 【Hermes】 Garden Party PM Shoulder Tote Bag ● Model Number: □ K Time (Manufactured in 2007)
● Color: Brown × Silver hardware ● Material: Negonda ● Size: about W36cm × H25cm × D19cm handle: about 44cm
● Specifications: snap button opening and closing inside: fastener pocket × 1
● Accessories: None ● Product rank: A rank There is thread thread, there are some type collapse at the bottom part.
There are a few threads in the handle and the edge, there are slight small scratches on the metal fittings, but it is inconspicuous.
There is no conspicuous trace on the inside.
It is a gem of recommendation in a relatively beautiful state.
● Comment: This is an introduction of Hermes' garden party PM tote bag.
It is a gem that drifts luxurious feeling that Negonda was used as a characteristic material of embossing of a male calf a little soft.
There is storage capacity in large size, loading and unloading is also easy !!!
It is lightweight and can be shawled and it is available for everyday use,
You can use it even when commuting or going to school.
Regardless of your age and fashion, simple designs can be patronized for a long time.
Because it is limited to one stock, on this occasion, please purchase.
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