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【美 品】 LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】 Pochette Monogram Chain Shoulder Bag M40716 Lambskin

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● Product Name: LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】
Pochette monogram chain shoulder bag ● Model number: M40716
● Color: Joanu (Yellow)
● Material: Lambskin ● Size: about W25cm × H17cm × D 6.5cm
Chain length: about 57 cm
● Specifications: Metal fitting opening and closing outside: Back open pocket × 1
Inside: open pocket × 4
D ring × 1
● Accessories: Storage bag Crochet key × 2
● Product rank: A rank There are slight scratches on the surface, push marks on the back, thin dirt, slight angle thread, there are some abrasions and gold dust on the metal fittings, but it is not noticeable damage.
There are no damages, etc. inside which it is anxious inside, and it is in a beautiful state, and it is a very beautiful state with little feeling of use as a whole.
● Comment: Louis Vuitton Pochette Monogram Chain Shoulder bag arrival.
It is 2012 collection line pochette · monogram which expressed monogram · pattern with elaborate cross stitch.
It is a fashionable chain shoulder bag of vivid yellow color.
category Handbag
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand bag

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