GUCCI 【Gucci】 22P diamond bangle ladies watch [pre] 4600L quartz SS / silver dial diamond

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Management No. ho-12216-cs
brand name GUCCI 【Gucci】
Product name 22P diamond bangle ladies watch
Model number 4600 L
Color Silver / silver dial plate
Material Stainless steel (SS) / diamond
Face about W13 mm x H 27 mm
Approximately 15 cm around the arm
specification Quartz (battery type)
accessories Private case
Our shop warranty (6 months warranty)
AB rank
There are thin scratches in some places in the bangle and the case part,
There is a discoloration / some ure of than a thread on a fastener
It is not so conspicuous as a thing of a degree that I do not know at a distance.
Diamonds and dials are not found,
On the whole relatively clean condition,
It is a gem of recommendation that you can love from now on.
comment Bangle more popular than Gucci 22P diamond watch arrived! !
We arranged diamonds in narrow bangle type,
Attractive feminine elegant and refreshing design! !
It is easy to handle in a quartz model and can be used in various scenes!
Not only for casual but also perfect for suits.
As it is an actual item, please take this opportunity! !
category Watches
typeMens watches

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