HERMES 【HERMES】 AIR BAG CUBASS GM Tote Bag 【Used】 □ C Engraved Twal Ash Leather Natural

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● Product Name: HERMES 【Hermes】
Yale bag Cabass GM Tote bag ● Model number: □ G marking
● Color: Natural × Camel ● Material: Toal Ash × Leather ● Size: Small: Approximately W 40 cm × H 22 cm × D 16 cm
Large: About W 40 cm × H 32 cm × D 16 cm
Handle: about 48 cm
● Specifications: Flap & belt opening / closing type Inside: Open pocket (1 place each) ● Accessory: exclusive BOX · change bag ● Product rank: AB rank Leather part (including shoulder) has scratches, burns,
Some small scratches on the metal fittings · Brown dirt on the body of the horizontally long form, color scorch,
There is some spot stains in the hole dirty corner part,
Replacement bag is in a state with little dirt and some feeling of use.
It is a bargain product that you can still fully use it in a relatively beautiful state as a whole.
● Comment: From Hermes, "Eel Bag Cabass GM" has arrived! !
A very popular model combining casualness and elegance! !
When changing to a replacement bag, the image changes,
It is an excellent item that can be used according to the mood and scene of the day.
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