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PonteVecchio 【Pontevecio】 1 point dialing K18YG12.5 [pre] 【new finish finished】 PonteVecchio

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Management No. ki-01034_tu
Product name Ponte Vecchio 【Pontevecio】
1 point dialing
color Yellow Gold
accessories -
Size (approx) Current Size: Approximately 12.5 Total Weight: Approximately 2.5 g
Diameter: about 22 mm Width: about 19.4 mm
Diamond: 0.12 ct
Material K18 × Diamond
Product rank SA
Although it is scratches of degree that you do not mind with the naked eye, it is in a very beautiful state because it has been finished with a new article.
comment A wonderful diamond ring arrived from Pontevecio! !
One point will be a diamond ring ♪
Simple design full of elegance and luxury ♪ Diamonds also 0.12ct, top class super luxurious gem ☆

Jewelry is also a proof of love for an important person, it is a decorative item that shows myself, it is an amulet, and it is also a thing to convey to my precious child.
That's why sophisticated Pontevecio's dialing that can be worn over the times ....
Since it is finished newly, it is in a state that it is very refreshing without noticeable scratches.

It is perfect for gifts, rewards for myself ☆ Because it is a special large special price this time, do not miss ♪ ♪

category ring
brandPonte Vecchio
typeBrand jewelery
MaterialK18 × Diamond

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