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LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】 Taiga Organizer Atholl Travel Case Round Zipper Long Wallet M30652

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● Product Name: LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】
Taiga Organizer Atholl round fastener wallet ● Model number: M30652
● Color: Aldoise (Black)
● Material: Taiga Leather ● Size: Approx W26.5cm × H14cm × D2cm
Handle length: about 12 cm
● Specifications: Round zipper opening and closing type Inside: zipper coin purse × 1
Card pocket × 12
Four open pockets
Wallet × 1
Pen holder × 1
● Accessory: None ● Product rank: There are threads in B rank angle and border, there are plating peeling · discoloration on fastener metal fittings.
There are some scratches on the handle and peeling.
A few push marks on the inside, elongate in the card pocket, slight slight dirt on the wallet or coin purse, there are a few bondsimi at the bottom of the pocket.
※ YM initials are included.
Although there is a feeling of use, you can still use it enough.
● Comment: Louis Vuitton's Tiga Line's organizer atall is in stock.
Round zipper long wallet that features a rounded form of the popular Tiga line for men.
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brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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