CHANEL 【Chanel】 Coco Mark chain belt about 95cm gold plated leather apparel gold black ladies 【pre-owned】

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Product control number (product URL):2658-vv-00395-tk
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Management No. vv - 00395 - tk
brand name CHANEL 【Chanel】
Product name Cocomark chain belt
Model number -
Color Gold × Black
Material Gold plated × leather
Total length: about 100 cm Width: about 1.5 cm
Coco Mark: About H 3 cm × W 3 cm
Buckle: about H1.7 cm × W 5.5 cm
Waist circumference: about 95 cm
specification Hook fitting type formula
accessories None
AB rank
There are some small scratches and kusumi in the top and chain metal parts.
There is a slight plating peeling on the hook's hook, but it is not conspicuous.
Although there are dot stains on the buckle and a few small scratches, it is a relatively beautiful gem that you can use still more!
comment Coco mark chain belt arrived from Chanel !!
The color of the chain and gold is a belt full of chanellike that directs luxury.
Because it is a perfect belt for the point of coordination, it is a handy gem that can be adapted to various clothes !!
Please do not miss this opportunity! Please purchase as soon as possible because it is a wonderful item!
category belt
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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