CHANEL [CHANEL] coco mark chain belt approximately 95 cm gold-plated leather apparel gold black ladies [pre-owned]

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Product management number (product URL):2658-vv-00395-tk
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Management No. vv-00395-tk
brand name CHANEL [Chanel]
Product name Coco Mark Chain Belt
Model number -
Color Gold × Black
Material Gold plating × Leather
Total length: about 100 cm Width: about 1.5 cm
Coco Mark: about H3 cm × W3 cm
Buckle: about H1.7cm × W5.5cm
Waist circumference: about 95 cm
specification Hook type
accessories None
AB rank
There is a small scratch or a bit on the top or chain bracket part.
There is a slight plating on the hook hook part, but it is an unnoticeable one.
There are spot dirt and slight small scratches on the buckle, but it is a relatively beautiful gem that you can still use!
comment Coco Mark chain belt has arrived from Chanel !!
Chain and gold color, belt is full of Chanel like directing the sense of luxury.
As it is perfect belt to point of coordination, it is convenient gem which can be matched with various clothes!
Please purchase by all means at this opportunity! Because it is a wonderful item, the purchase is early!
category belt
typeBrand wallet and accessories

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