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Salvatore Ferragamo 【Salvatore Ferragamo】 Simple Women's Belt # XS Suede Leather Dark Brown

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Product control number (product URL):2658-vv-00787-tk
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Management No. vv - 00787 - tk
brand name Salvatore Ferragamo 【Salvatore Ferragamo】
Product name Simple ladies belt
Model number -
Color Dark Brown × Silver Hardware
Material Suede × Leather
Notation size: XS
Total length: about 75 cm Width: about 1 cm
Buckle: about H1.5 cm × W 6.5 cm
specification -
accessories None
AB rank
There are slight threads and some fluff on the suede part.
There are slight dullness and small scratches on the side of the buckle, but it is a relatively beautiful gem that you can use still more!
comment Simple ladies belt arrived from Salvatore Ferragamo !!
It is a nice belt with simple design and flowing buckle design.
It's a simple gift, so it's a handy gem that can also be active in formal places !!
Please do not miss this opportunity! Please buy as soon as possible because it is a casual item you can use !!
category belt
brandSalvatore Ferragamo
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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