【Free Shipping】 HERMES 【HERMES】 Garden Party PM □ L Shoulder Bag Tote Bag Beige type

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HERMES 【Hermes】 Garden Party PM □ L Shoulder Bag Tote Bag Beige Handbag Women's Negonda Gold HERMES 【HERMES】 HERMES GARDEN PARTY PM □ L Shoulderbag Totebag Handbag Negonda HERMES

Management No. vv - 00859 - nk
Product name HERMES 【Hermes】
Garden Party PM
Model number □ L time (made in 2008)
Color Gold (beige type)
Material Negonda
Size (cm) (About the main body) Width 36 × height 26.2 × gusset 17 cm
(About handle) 41 cm
specification Snap button opening and closing type Inside: zip pocket × 1
accessories None
AB rank
Slightly threaded thread, slightly thread scratches, handle a little thread scratches are felt. Depending on the storage condition, you can see a habit in the handle a little. Inside, a pen trace inside the pocket, a thin dirt can be seen, but it is in a state without any other major damage.
comment From Hermes, garden party PM
It's an introduction ♪ ♪ Material with soft touch
Since opening / closing opening opens widely, loading and unloading of the baggage
Easy to carry, excellent storage capacity ☆ ☆ Snap to the side
Button is designed and gusset width according to the amount of baggage
Excellent thing you can change ☆ ☆ Beige color
Elegant luxury feeling can be felt with silver fittings ♪ ♪
It is simple, so a wide range of success is expected!
By all means, do not miss this encounter ☆ ☆
category Shoulder Bag
Part number (model number)□ L time (made in 2008)
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
seriesGarden Party

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