HERMES 【HERMES】 round zipper wallet Azaplong silk in rose Jaipur □ R engraved Vaud Epson silk women's wallet [pre]

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● Product Name: HERMES 【Hermes】
Round zipper long wallet ● Model: □ R inscription ● Color: Rose Jaipur (Red type)
● Material: Vaud Epson × Silk ● Size: about W20cm × H11cm × D1.5cm
● Specifications: Round zipper opening and closing type Inside: Wallet × 2
Zipper coin purse × 1
Card pocket × 12
Free pocket × 2
- Accessory: Box (with damage)
● Product rank: AB rank There is a feeling of use overall.
Unevenness on outer leather, square thread,
There are dirt on the fastener holding hand.
There are some dirt on the inside.
Although it is a product you can use enough, please refrain from those who do not understand secondhand goods.
● Comment: Round zipper long wallet arrived from Hermes.
Vivid shades of rose color and handle of inner silk material are luxurious and soft and easy to use!
It can be opened and closed smoothly with a round fastener type,
There are abundant pockets and storage capacity.
How is it by all means?
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typeBrand wallet · accessory

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