【New finished finished】 Cartier 【Cartier】 Half Dial Love ring WG 750 # 48 Approximately No. 8 3P diamond

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● Product Name: Cartier 【Cartier】
Half Dialabl ring ● Model number: -
● Color: -
Material ●: K18 WG (White Gold) / Diamond 3P
● Size: # 48 about No. 8 ring width: about 0.5 cm
Total weight: approx. 8.06 g
● Specifications: -
- Accessories: -
● Product rank: A rank is new finished already.
It is slightly small scratches, which is difficult to see with the naked eye.
Other very beautiful items.
● Comment: The most popular half diamond ring representing Cartier arrived.
In the form where screws and diamonds are alternately arranged, it is cute design even in glamor.
It is a recommended ring where Cartier likeness was condensed.
Please join us for a ring jewelry boasting immovable popularity.
From everyday use to party scenes, you can use it widely.
Do not miss the stock in only one point!
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typeNo Brand Jewelry

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