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CHANEL 【CHANEL】 Denim Tote Bag A92240 Shopping Indenim 2WAY Shoulder Bag Shoulder Tote Bag Coco Mark Indigo Blue Ladies Handbag Border CHANEL 【CHANEL】 CHANEL CHANEL Totebag A 92 240 Shopping-in-Denim 2WAY Shoulderbag Totebag COCO motif Handbag CHANEL

Management No. vv-02619-nk
brand name CHANEL [Chanel]
Product name 2way shopping tote bag
Model number A92241
Color Denim blue
Material denim
(Approx. Body) Width 43.5 × height 29.5 × gusset 15 cm

(Handle approx) 24 cm
(Shoulder approx) 74.5 cm
specification Open Retractable

Inside: Partition zipper pocket × 1
Fastener pocket × 1
Open pocket × 1
accessories storage bags
Guarantee card
Serial seal
AB rank
Denim material on the whole, a little fuzzing, the shoulder is seen some dirt. There are several spots of white dirt on the inside, and overall a slight stain is felt, but there is no noticeable damage, and we are still in a state of patronage.
comment From Chanel shopping tote
It is introduction ☆ ★ To coco mark of the front desk
White line feels impact
Brand appeal also バ ッ チ patsy
Open wide open with large opening
Inside the compartment zipper pocket
As there are plenty of pockets at the beginning
Storage capacity is outstanding!
Normal use, of course, a little
It is also recommended for excursions etc ★
Because it is denim, regardless of the season or age
There is no doubt that you can always use it ◎
As it is limited to one item, it will win first!
Come and do not miss this meeting 出 会 い
category Shoulder bag
Product number (model number)A92241
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder bag
accessoriesstorage bags

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