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CHANEL 【Chanel】 Denim Tote Bag A92240 Shopping Innenim 2WAY Shoulder Bag Shoulder Tote Coco Mark Indigo Blue Ladies Handbag Border CHANEL 【Chanel】 CHANEL Totebag A92240 Shopping-in-Denim 2WAY Shoulderbag Totebag COCO motif Handbag CHANEL

Management No. vv-02619-nk
brand name CHANEL 【Chanel】
Product name 2way Shopping Tote Bag
Model number A 922241
Color Denim Blue
Material denim
(Main body approx.) Width 43.5 × Height 29.5 × Machi 15 cm

(About handle) 24 cm
(About shoulder) 74.5 cm
specification Opening closure type

Inside: Partition zipper pocket x 1
Fastener pocket × 1
Open pocket × 1
accessories Storage bag Guarantee card serial seal
AB rank
On the denim material, a little fuzzy on the whole, shoulder looks slightly dirty. There are several white spots on the inside and a thin dirt is felt on the whole but there is no noticeable damage, and we are still in a state where you can patronize us more.
comment Shopping tote from Chanel
It is an introduction ☆ ★ To the front Coco Mark
The white line feels impact
Brand appeal is also perfect ◎
Open wide open with closed type
Inside partition zipper pocket
Since there are abundant pockets as the start
Storage capacity is outstanding!
Not to mention everyday, of course
It is also recommended for excursions etc. ★
Since it is a denim area, regardless of season or age
There is no doubt that you can patronize long ◎
Since it is one item in reality, it is first come, first served!
Do not miss this encounter by all means ◎
category Shoulder Bag
Part number (model number)A 922241
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
accessoriesstorage bags

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