CHANEL 【Chanel】 Caviar Skin Coin Case Keyring Purple Blue Ladies Coco Mark 【Used】 Blue Coin Purse

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● Product Name: CHANEL 【Chanel】 Caviar Skin Coin Case with Key Ring ● Model Number: -
● Color: Light Blue ● Material: Caviar Skin ● Size: Approximately W13 cm × H 8 cm × D 1 cm
● Specifications: zipper closure type key ring with inner chain × 1
● Accessories: Serial seal · Boutique seal ● Product rank: AB rank There is a small angle thread, metal fittings have small scratches and dullness.
There is slight light dirt on the inside, but it is inconspicuous.
It is a recommended item that you can use still more.
● Comment: Chanel's caviar skin coin case is an introduction.
Light blue color is a refreshing and fashionable gem.
Since we have a key ring with a chain,
It is a gem that you can store the key and is user-friendly.
Popular caviar skin can strongly patronize scratches and dirt forever.
Because it is limited to one stock, on this occasion, please purchase.
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typeBrand wallet · accessory

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