[Goods] GUCCI [Gucci] Guccisima W Hook Two-folded wallet [Pre] 167465 Leather Ribbon Ivory Gold Hardware

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-Product name: GUCCI [Gucci]
Guccisima W hook folded wallet
● Model number: 167465
Color ●: ivory / gold fittings
Material ●: Leather
Size ●: about H11 cm × W12 cm × D2 cm
Specifications ●: W snap button opening and closing
Purses × 1 · wallet × 2 · card insert × 10
Accessories ●: genuine box
● Product rank: A rank
There are small scratches on brown stains and metal fittings at the corner edges,
Some dirt in the wallet,
The overall feeling of use is small
It is a bargain product in a very beautiful state.
-Comment: From Gucci, it is introduction of the two-fold wallet of Shima leather.
The front ribbon is on the popular Gucci Shima line
It is a wallet recommended for elegant and pretty women.
The coin purse is very easy to use by hook opening and closing,
Because there are plenty of wallets and card pockets, it is also excellent for practical use
Gucci's ever-popular items are at this price!
Don't miss this chance! !
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typeBrand wallet and accessories

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