CHANEL 【Chanel】 Cocomark Ladies Chain Belt Vintage Accessory Gold / Plating CHANEL

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CHANEL 【Chanel】 Cocomark Women's Chain Belt Vintage Accessory Gold / Plating CHANEL 【Chanel】 CHANEL COCO motif Chain Belt Vintage Accessory / CHANEL

Management No. vv-04881-cs
brand name CHANEL 【Chanel】
Product name Cocomark chain belt
Model number -
Color gold
Material plating
Chain length approximately 75 cm × width 1 cm
Charm part: about W 2.4 cm × H 3.2 cm
specification Hook type chain belt
accessories None
A rank
Although there is discoloration slightly in the Kusumi hook part as a whole,
Other than that, there is no conspicuous damage, it is in a very beautiful state.
The feeling of use is small, and it is in a state that you can use it enough enough.
comment From Chanel, it is an introduction of a gorgeous chain belt.
I add an accent to it with a charm-filled charm.
Just by adding ordinary coordination,
Recommended items that will color gorgeously! !
As it is only one point in reality,
Please take this opportunity to purchase.
category belt
Part number (model number)-
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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