HERMES 【Hermes】 Kelly metal fittings Lamb leather gloves Brown size 7 Ladies gloves Gold fittings [pre] HERMES

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Product control number (product URL):2658-vv-05098-ar
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HERMES 【HERMES】 Kelly metal fittings Lamb leather glove brown size 7 ladies gloves gold hardware HERMES 【HERMES】 HERMES KELLY LAMBSKIN Glove SIZE 7 HERMES

Management No. vv-05098-ar
brand name Brand name \ A line \ HERMES 【Hermes】
Product name Kelly hardware Lam Leather Gloves Women's Gloves
Model number -
Color Dark Brown × Gold Hardware
Material Lambskin × metal
Notation size 7
Exact size total length about 21 cm width about 8.5 cm
specification -
accessories Genuine box
AB rank
Metal parts, small scratches / thin plating peeling available.
Both the appearance and inside of the glove body,
There are slight small scratches and thin dirty enough to see when looking carefully.
Neither flaw is noticeable, it is recommended with a beautiful gem.
There may be slight defects that can not be described for second - hand goods.
※ Understanding the state of second - hand goods, it is recommended for those who can use it gently.
comment Long-established luxury brand that continues to be loved for many years across generations,
HERMES 【Hermes】 popular item,
Kelly metal fittings Lam Leather Gloves (Women's Gloves)
It is the appearance of!
It is a gem full of elegance and luxury, using soft ram!
Chic dark brown, gold color Kelly metal fittings are accented, adult cute gloves!
It is easy to coordinate and you can enjoy it in various scenes !!
Popular items are limited to one actual item!
Purchasing, as soon as possible !!
category other
Part number (model number)-
typeBrand wallet · accessory
MaterialLambskin × metal
accessoriesGenuine box

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