HERMES 【HERMES】 Leather Jumbo Choker Bracelet Accessories Silver Hardware Brown × Gray

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● Product Name: HERMES 【HERMES】 Hermes Jumbo Choker ● Model: -
● Color: Brown × Gray ● Material: Leather ● Size: Length of about 38cm · including metal fittings ● Specifications: -
* Accessory: original box BOX little. Damage equipped.
● Product rank: There are some small scratches and dullness in the AB rank metal fittings.
There are slight threads and scratches on the leather, but it is inconspicuous.
You can still use it.
● Comment: Hermes luxurious jumbo choker arrived.
You can use it as a choker around the neck, or as a bracelet if you double the strap.
Casual but elegant design, you can use it for people of a wide age range.
Because it is limited to 1 stock, on this occasion, please purchase.
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typeBlur Rubbed

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