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[Unused item] BOTTEGA VENETA [Bottega Veneta] Intorechato round zipper long wallet [pre] 114076

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● Product name: BOTTEGA VENETA 【Bottega · Veneta】
Intorechato round zipper wallet ● Model number: 114076
● Color: Brown series ● Material: Leather ● Size: Approximately W19 × H10.5cm × D 2.5cm
● Specifications: Round zipper opening and closing one piece Machi zipper Coin case × 1, Wallet × 2
Card pocket × 8, free pocket × 2
● Accessories: Private Box · Storage Bag · Booklet ● Product Rank: S Rank It is an item in an unused state.
By storage, there are some fuzz in the canvas part of the fastener,
There are no other conspicuous damage,
Overall it is beautiful, recommended item not having a feeling of use.
● Comment: Bottega Veneta is an introduction of a popular round fastener wallet.
High-quality leather is used,
Casual and elegant design classic Intorechato!
Fastener coin case is attached, there are also various pocket card insertion,
Both functionality and storage power are excellent! !
category Other
brandBottega Veneta
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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