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Condition: scratch whole. Scratch, reverse side. Discoloration is.
Partially torn in the choker part, some turnover, there are scratches / discoloration / peeling in the metal part.

Brand name: BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta)
Product Name: Disposable Large Sale Bottega Veneta Plate Necklace Choker Intore Color: Silver × Brown Material: SV925 × Leather Size: Motif W Approx. 1.9 cm × H Approximately 3 cm Choker Length About 132 cm
Accessory: / body only

Management number 34130
category Necklace · Choker
brandBottega Veneta
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeNecklace · Choker
ColorSilverx Brown
MaterialSV925x leather
sizeMotif W about 1.9 cm × H about 3 cm Choker total length about 132 cm
accessories/only a main part
RemarksManagement number 34130

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