brand:Bottega Veneta

SALE Bottega Veneta Tote Bag Intre Red

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Product control number (product URL):6589-036177
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Outside: There are a few threads / wrinkles on the surface and corner, a few threads cracked in the handle part, some threading / peeling on the metal fittings.

Inside: There are some stains / wrinkles on the surface, some dirt, some spot on the bottom.

Although there is a little feeling of use, it is in good condition, you can use it forever.

Brand name: BOTTEGA VENETA (Bottega Veneta)
Product Name: SALE Bottega · Veneta Tote Bag Intre Red Red Color: Red Type / Red Material: Leather Size: Approx W49.5 × H32 × D 21 cm / Shoulder Length About 28 cm - 42 cm
Accessory: Storage bag

Popular Bottega Veneta.
It is fashionable tote bag of Bottega-like leather knitting intorechat ♪

Control number 36177

category Tote Bag
brandBottega Veneta
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorRed type / red
AAbout W49.5 × H32 × D 21 cm / Shoulder length about 28 cm - 42 cm
accessoriesstorage bags

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