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Outside: a few threads on the surface · a little dirt on the surface, a few threads on the corner · a bit of black spots, a few threads on the handle part · cracks and slight dirt, some threads on the metal fittings · small scratches · dullness We are located.

Inside: There are a few threads / wrinkles / dirt on the surface and the bottom, some dirt in the inner pocket, and some threads on the metal fittings.

Although there is a little feeling of use, you can use it forever for a long time.

Brand name: BURBERRY (Burberry)
Product Name: SALE Burberry Shoulder Tote Bag London Check PVC Leather Color: Blue System Check × White Material: Vinyl chloride Coating Leather Size: Approx W37 × H25.5 × D 16.5 cm / Handle Length About 48 cm
Accessory: / body only

British traditional brand popular in a wide range, Burberry ☆
It is a tote bag without a big success with a wide range of outings, shopping, traveling etc. ♪

Control number 36503 other

category Tote Bag
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorBlue series check × white
MaterialVinyl chloride coated leather
sizeAbout W37 × H25.5 × D 16.5 cm / handle length of about 48 cm
accessories/only a main part

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