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Product control number (product URL):6589-036970
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Condition: Since the diamond itself becomes thin construction here, it is 1.048ct, but there is a force as much as 2ct.
Inclusion is almost without clarity due to cracks, cracks are not near the center, it looks very beautiful.

Product Name: SALE 美 品 Heart Brilliant Diamond Necklace Pt 850 1.048 c G I 1 Approximately 40 cm Approximately 8.4 g
Material: PT 850 (Platinum) Diamond (1.048 ct)
Size: around the neck about 40 cm / motif about W 6 mm × H 5 mm
Weight: 8.4 g
Accessory: / discrimination note (central jewel)

Control number 36970

Carat · · 1.048ct color grade · · G clarity · · I1 cut · · GOOD
category Necklace · Choker
brandOther Brands
typeNo Brand Jewelry
typeNecklace · Choker
MaterialPT 850 (Platinum) Diamond (1.048 ct)
ANeck circumference of about 40 cm / motif about W 6 mm × H 5 mm
weight8.4 g
accessories/ Discrimination letter (central jewel)

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