Gucci Side Heart Sunglasses Black Black

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Condition: generally attrition. Attrition is., Beautiful condition ..

You can use it forever for a long time with good condition.

Brand name: GUCCI (Gucci)
Product Name: Beauty Goods Gucci Side Heart Sunglasses Black Black Color: Black / Black Material: Plastic Size: Notation Size: 62 □ 13 Frame: Approximately 14 cm
Accessories: / Storage case / Eyewear wiping

☆ The Gucci sunglasses are cute and stylish heart side
Fashionable, even a superb gem even on a head as a hair accessor ♪

Control number 39157
category sunglasses
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorBlack system / Black
ANotation size: 62 □ 13 frame: about 14 cm
accessories/ Storage Case / Eyewear Wiping

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