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Unused item

Condition: unused goods becomes therefore, very beautiful condition is.

Please acknowledge a few threads attached at the time of exhibition and storage.

Brand name: CHANEL (Chanel)
Product Name: SALE Unused Chanel Matrasse Chain Shoulder Bag Tote Bag Ultra Stitch Color: Black / Black Material: Leather Size: Approx W 38 x H 33 x D 11 cm / Shoulder Length About 54 cm - 72 cm
Accessories: storage box / storage bag / guarantee / serial seal

Coco mark metal fittings decorated in the front are impressive, Chanel's chain shoulder bag!
Because it is a bigger size and the storage part is separate from the outside on one side and three on the inside, it becomes goods you can use widely from usual use to a little outing.

Control number 39353
category Shoulder Bag
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBlack system / Black
sizeAbout W38 × H33 × D 11 cm / Shoulder length about 54 cm - 72 cm
accessoriesStorage Box / Storage Bag / Guarantee / Serial Seal

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