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About LoreeRodkin
A jewelry brand founded in 1990 by Laurie Rodkin. It is a popular brand among overseas celebrities by always creating dramatic and elegant jewelry.
[Flare ring] was received from such Laurie Rodkin. The product state is a new finished product, although there are small scratches on the surface, inside and g side, and dullness on the inside. * Some small scratches and rubbing may occur depending on the exhibition. Please note.

Brand Name: Loree Rodkin
Product Name: Flaring
Material: Silver (925)
Size: Ring size 9 / ring width about 11mm
Weight: 18.3g
Accessories: / None

AB Although there is some feeling of use, it is in a state without noticeable dirt and damage.
Product number (model number)5700032-842700002
brandOther Brands
typeBrand jewelry
MaterialSilver (925)
sizeRing size 9 / ring width approximately 11mm
accessories/ Without

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