2017 Spring / Summer New Work HERMES HERMES TWILY SCARV "Get on the Berlin Carriage" Vuroz X Marine

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2017 Spring Summer New Work HERMES HERMES TWILY SCARV "Get on Berliner's Carriage" Vuroz X Marin X Joan Silk 100% New Item
For Hermes Freak is now a must-have tweet. Recently, it is a standard to express yourself by wrapping around your hands like Birkin, Kelly, Garden Party etc. Just add one to change to a fashionable advanced! There are many individual patterns individually one by one, it makes a completely different impression just by changing it! Wrapping around the neck and using it for hair arrangement is up to you freely.
2017SS NEW HERMES Twilly Scarf "Balade en Berline" Verose / Marin / Jaune Silk 100% [Brand new] [Authentic]
Transformed into a stylish senior just to add one! Pattern unique one by one It is a must Twilly now for Hermes freak. In recent years, It is classic to express oneself by winding round and round to handle Birkin, Kelly, and garden party. It is up to you freely in and wrapped around the neck, and or use in hair arrangement.
New / Brand new
Vuroz / Marine / Joanu
(Verose / Marin / Jaune)
Silk 100%
(Silk 100%)
H: 85 cm W: 5 cm
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New / Brand new

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BRAND SHOP YOCHIKA brand shop Yoshika 0120-567-869 / 075-2577-5844
Part number (model number)17032332
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorVuroz / Marine / Joune (Verose / Marin / Jaune)
MaterialSilk 100% (Silk 100%)
AH: 85 cm W: 5 cm

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