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HERMES Hermes Birkin 30 Handbag White White Epson Gold Hardware New article unused
A white Birkin arrives with a high grade and rare value! You can use all seasons white can enjoy a notch above Bakin. The material is durable Epson that does not need worry of shape collapse so it can be patronized long after the end. Size is the most familiar to Japanese people 30 cm easy to use. It is a combination of pure white color and silver bracket so perfect for any fashion! It is good to wear a hand with a tweet! Having a casual cuddle is also good! It is also good to attach a bag charm! With the feeling of writing a picture on a white canvas, only one Birkin is born in the world with your arrangement!
HERMES handbags Birkin 30 Blanc (White) Epsom GHW [Never Used] [Authentic]
White birkin who dignity is high, and is precious is grade Birkin is available in all seasons. It is durable Epson which we do not have to worry about getting out of shape, I can use It is the combination of snow-white color and silver metal fittings, it is good to any fashion! It is good to surround Twilly to a handle! It is good I take a boyfriend casually, and to have! arrangement is a bag charm! With a feeling to write a picture on the white canvas, only Birkin is born in the world by arrangement only for you!
New article unused / Never used
(Blanc (White) / 1)
30 (W: 30 cm H: 22 cm D: 16 cm)
Bag weight: 770 g
※ The size notation will be the actual size of the actual product. Because we are measuring all by hand, please acknowledge that there may be some errors.
Metal fittings
Silver hardware
(Gold Hardware)
Storage bag, box, crochette, key, cadena, rain cover
Remarks R marking (manufactured in 2014)
Product condition (Condition)
New article unused / Never used
· Long-term custody · slightly glowing · small inside dirt

*? Long-term storage goods.
* Slightly colored garments.
* Inside small dirt.
※ Please feel free to contact us for any other concerns.
BRAND SHOP YOCHIKA brand shop Yoshika 0120-567-869 / 075-2577-5844
category Handbag
typeBrand bag
ColorWhite (Blanc (White) / 1)
MaterialEpsom (Epsom)
A30 (W: 30 cm H: 22 cm D: 16 cm)
weight770 g
accessoriesStorage bag, box, crochette, key, cadena, rain cover
RemarksR marking (manufactured in 2014)

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