HERMES Hermes a Zap Silk In round wallet Roussieu Pivowaux Leather × Silk T Mark

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# Condition: angle scrub dirt color peeling equipped.
There is a stain / dirt around the rim.
Fastener pull is dirty and fluffy.
Coin has coin in coin purse.

■ Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
■ Product Name: A Zap Silk In Round Long Wallet ■ Color: Rushi Pivo Owanne ■ Material: Leather × Silk ■ Size: Approx W20 × H 10.5 cm
■ Pocket: for wallet / wallet × 2 / coin entry × 1 / for card × 12 / other × 2
■ Engraving: T engraved (manufactured in 2015)
■ Accessories: -
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: Pink series of popular colors · Rouge Pivowanne, inside and outside color usage is very fashionable.

Part number (model number)2107400129145
typeBrand wallet · accessory
MaterialLeather × Silk
AAbout W20 × H 10.5 cm
Reference priceUSD 1,643.35
Item attributeFour

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