CHANEL Chanel Coco turn lock leather bracelet leather women's

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It is a recommended item with very beautiful goods which do not feel used feeling, there is no use of second hand mild leather and no plating peeling. There is a spot on the box.
【Type】 Coco turn lock leather
It is second - hand beauty goods. Put the fastener in the part of the Coco mark, it is a type bracelet that turns and stops. For that reason, fasteners are not conspicuous, and it has become useless design. The design that reminds me of a chain bag also seems to be Chanel, very recommended item. There is a spot on the box
typeBrand jewelery
typeBlur Rubbed
sizeTotal length: about 19 cm

Coco Mark: H 13.4 mm W: 17.1 mm
accessoriesStorage box

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