Chanel Coco Mark · Quilting 2 Way Chain Shoulder Bag (Handbag) · Soft Caviar Skin / Black / CHANEL ■ 204542

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[Outside] Looseness of some threads at the base of the handle (on the right side of the front) _x000D_ [Inside] There are few threads in the vicinity of the opening / closing opening and thin dirt _x000D_ [Corner] Thin threaded to the bottom four corners _ ___ 1000 D _ [Type collapse] None
Engraving: 2015.11.30M.N
Production Number: 218167 **
Further remarks: Compared to caviar skin, soft caviar skin characterized by a soft matte texture is used. With 2 WAY shoulder, the inside is divided into three, the functionality with abundant pocket and key hook is also excellent. Although there are threads etc. of about several times use, there is no conspicuous damage and it is a beautiful condition on the whole.
MaterialSoft caviar skin
sizeSize details: [Size (about below)]
Size: H 27 cm × W 33/37 cm × D 15 cm
Handle: 35 cm
Shoulder: 87 cm
Opening and closing: Fastener type magnet type
Inside: zip pocket x 1 open pocket x 2 mobile pocket x 1 key hook length: 29 cm * detachable
Partition: Yes
Season: All season
Weight: 1180 g
accessoriesOuter box (slightly blurred in the corner) Storage bag care booklet Guarantee card serial seal (For accessories, only those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are attached.

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