GUCCI Gucci 169966 Shoulder Wave (Wave) Marin type shoulder bag Sima Leather / Cotton canvas Lavender ladies

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The state is slightly faded to the leather, there is a slight rubbing in piping, there are some small dirt on the canvas ground. The shoulder stitching is somewhat frayed, but it does not hurt to use. There is no dirt which becomes inner feeling inside. Although there is a feeling of use on the whole, there is no big damage.
Outside: dirt, thread, fade away, fray of thread
【Model】 Wave (wave)
A shawl Marin series
Part number (model number)169966
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder bag
ColorLavender / Pink
MaterialSima Leather / Cotton canvas
AW 28 cm x H 23 cm x D 12 cm

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