GUCCI Gucci 203550 W Hook Purse HEART (Heart) Gucci Shima Purse (with coin purse) Sima Leather Ivory Women's

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Product control number (product URL):9865-60634-8259-55
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There are scratches, rubbing, dirt, dull on metal fittings, fading, hide and wrinkles on leather in whole places. There are dirt on corners and edges. Although there is a feeling of use, there is no big damage.
Outside: scratches, dirt, threads, wrinkles
Corner: dirt
Metal part: fading, dullness
【Model】 HEART (Heart)
W Hook wallet Gucci Shima
Part number (model number)203550
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorWhite / Ivory type
MaterialSima Leather
AW 19 cm x H 10 cm

Closure type: Snap button
pocketClosure type: Snap button inside: Wallet x 2, card pocket x 7, free pocket x 2, button snap pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage box (with difficulty)

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