Chloe Chloe stringing one piece brown cotton [pre] [rank A] ladies'

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# Condition: generally beautiful, but, neck place. Somewhat fray equipped.

■ Brand Name: Chloe (Chloe)
■ Product Name: String dress ■ Color: Brown ■ Material: Cotton ■ Size: tag inscription 36 / flat putting measurements About (shoulder width 27cm × width of a garment 44cm × dress length 86cm)
■ Accessories: -
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: Since it is a clothing item, please understand beforehand that there are slight fraying and folding wrinkles at the time of storage. Although it is an actual size inscription, some errors may occur. If you have any questions, size, material, condition etc, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Part number (model number)2107600541822
typeladies' fashion
typeone piece
sizeTag inscription 36 / flat putting measurements About (shoulder width 27 cm × width of a garment 44 cm × dress length 86 cm)
Reference priceUSD 1,995.44
Item attribute3

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