Cartier Cartier Trinity Ring 1998 Limited Ring Gold Gold K18 YG (750) Yellow Goal

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# Condition: whole small scratch equipped

■ Brand name: Cartier (Cartier)
■ Product Name: Trinity Ring Limited Ring in 1998 ■ Color: Gold ■ Material: K18YG (750) Yellow Gold ■ Size: No. 9 / Engraved # 49 (Ring Width Approximately 3 mm / 5 mm)
Weight: 10.7 g
■ Accessories: -
Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: Trinity ring born in 1924 by the rich imagination of Louis Cartier is one of the jewelry symbolizing Maison. This timeless jewelry that each student can interpret freely has created an iconic collection that embodies style and elegance. This is Christmas limited item in 1998. [Shinsaibashi shop]

Part number (model number)2101213939700
typeBrand jewelery
MaterialK18YG (750) Yellow gold
sizeNo. 9 / Engraved # 49 (ring width about 3 mm / 5 mm)
weight10.7 g
Reference priceUSD 1,429.85
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