Beautiful goods CHANEL Cocomark clear bangle bracelet 97P

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Condition: There is a little thread, but overall it is in a very beautiful condition.

Brand Name: CHANEL (Chanel)
Product Name: Beauty Product Chanel Coco Mark Clear Bangle Bracelet 97 P
Color: Gold × Silver × Clear Material: Plastic Size: Arms around: about 16.2 cm Width: about 8 mm
Accessories: / body only

Chanel's 97 year bangle ☆
It will be a fashionable masterpiece that will produce a lovely and elegant wrist ♪

Management number 41743
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typeBangle wristband
ColorGold × Silver × Clear
TheArms around: about 16.2 cm Width: about 8 mm
accessories/only a main part

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