HERMES Hermes ale bag GM shoulder bag beige × brown towel ash × leather [pre] [

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# Condition: angle thread equipped.
There are scorching, threads, dirt on the surface.
There are threads, scratches, dirt, wrinkles, spots on the leather part.
Small scratches on metal fittings, with plating peeling.
There are threads, scratches, discoloration, dirt on the inside.

※ The change bag is not attached

■ Brand name: HERMES (Hermes)
■ Product name: Yale bag GM shoulder bag ■ Color: beige × brown ■ Material: Toal Ash × Leather ■ Size: about W38 × H33 × D13cm / length of the handle about 19 cm / length of the strap drop about 44 cm / length of the shoulder Maximum about 97 cm (The stuffed loft is the part of the shoulder part.)
■ Accessory: Shoulder strap (Replacement bag not included)
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Manufacturing number: Unclear stamp ■ Remarks: Convenient 2WAY type used properly depending on the application! Usable because gore is large and storage capacity is large ◎ 【Kyoto Gojo Shop Horiguchi】

Part number (model number)2103600388368
typeBrand bag
ColorBeige x Brown
MaterialTowaru Ash × Leather
AApproximately W 38 x H 33 x D 13 cm / Length of handle 19 cm / Length of strap drop About 44 cm / Shoulder length Maximum about 97 cm (Strapping loft is the part of Shorta part.)
accessoriesShoulder strap (No replacement bag included)
Reference priceUSD 3,068.99
Item attributeFour

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