PRADA Prada BT 8994 shoulder bag nylon black unisex [pre]

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Rust and scratches are seen on the metal fittings, white dirt is seen on the whole surface. There is white dirt in the inside. There are also places where opening and closing of the fastener feels a bit hard, and pilling balls can be seen, but we are still in a condition that you can patronize us well.

Because it is goods with a feeling of use There might be damage which can not be described. Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: Light dirt, thread
Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Corner: Thread

Inner · Other: Inside: dirt
Metal parts: scratches, rust, dullness
Fastener part: scratch, rust, dullness

Product Description It is an introduction of shoulder bag from Prada.
Black color with logo metal fittings on the front, while simple It becomes goods drifting luxurious feeling.
There is a sense of presence while tiny, pocket is also abundant so there is more storage capacity than it seems.
Shoulder can be adjusted in length so it is expected to be widely active like shoulder hanging and diagonal hanging.
Do not miss this encounter by all means!
Part number (model number)BT 8994
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBlack / Black
AW about 23 cm x H about 24 cm x D about 9.5 cm
Handle: about 82 to 138 cm
pocketClosure type: Outside of belt bracket: Fastener pocket x 1
Inside: Two zip pockets

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