CHANEL Chanel Matrasse W flap chain shoulder bag navy × gold hardware sheep leather (lamb) [

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■ State: Overall use feeling, scratches, rubbing Small small scratches on the whole surface, scratches rubbed against the four corners at the bottom, scratches on the bottom, scratches on the bottom, scratches on the back, scratches on the back, rubbed on the inside, scratched on the surface, pressed marks , There are small scratches There is a slight scratch on the metal fittings which is solid inside the pocket

■ Brand name: CHANEL (Chanel)
■ Product Name: Matrasse W Flap Chain Shoulder Bag ■ Color: Navy × Gold Hardware ■ Material: Sheep leather (lamb)
■ Size: about W23 × H15 × D7cm / length of strap drop about 22cm / shoulder length about 53cm - 88cm
■ Pocket: Outside / Open × 1 Inside / Open × 4 / Fastener × 1
■ Accessories: - (with seal marks ※ serial number unclear)
* Those not listed in the accessories column are not attached in principle.
■ Remarks: Chanel's leading popular "Matrasse" line W flap chain shoulder bag arrived! Here it is smaller size than the standard 25 cm type. Since navy color × gold hardware is also rare, it is recommended! 【Underground Shinsaibashi store】

Part number (model number)2106800312959
typeBrand bag
Color× navy × gold hardware
MaterialSheep leather (lamb)
AApproximately W23 x H15 x D 7 cm / length of strap drop about 22 cm / shoulder length about 53 cm - 88 cm
accessories- (Seal marking * Serial number unclear)
Reference priceUSD 6,154.20
Item attributeFour

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