CHANEL Chanel Kokomaku 2 WAY A 38462 Shoulder bag Punching leather silver Women's [pre]

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There are slight threads on the surface, but it is inconspicuous. There are small scratches on the metal fittings.
Although the inside feels slight threads and fading, there is no conspicuous damage.
It is a gem of recommendation in a relatively beautiful state.
Outside: Surface: thread

Inside · Other: Inside: thread, fade away
Metal part: small scratch

Type Coco Mark Model 2 WAY Product Description Chanel's punching leather 2WAY This is an introduction of the tote.
The design of metallic color and Coco mark is very fashionable.
Because there is storage capacity, it is also recommended for people with lots!
Since the shoulder can be removed,
You can use it according to the mood of the day.
It is perfect for one point of fashion bags.
Please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
Part number (model number)A 38462
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorSilver / Silver
MaterialPunching leather
AW about 42 cm x H about 46 cm x D about 8 cm
Handle: about 22 cm
Shoulder: about 80 cm
pocketClosing type: Magnetic type inside: Open pocket x 1, mobile pocket x 1, zip pocket x 1
accessoriesGuarantee, serial seal

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