HERMES Hermes Bold Mart × Black Garden Party 30 TPM Handbag Canvas Women's

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There are small scratches on the leather parts, but it is not as bothersome. There are subtle dirt threads etc. on the canvas material but it is a beautiful state as a whole without having a corner.
【Model】 Bold Mart × Black
【Line】 Garden Party 30 TPM
[Production Year] 2015
Even in the admiration Hermes, it is perfect for everyday use Garden party TPM Daily bags also fluffy HERMES! Luxury feel is different Every day Use things are recommended for those who like good things.
typeBrand bag
AW about 30 cm x H about 21 cm x D about 14 cm
Handle: about 29 cm
pocketClosure type: Snap button
accessoriesStorage Box, Storage Bag

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