CHANEL Chanel Round zipper long wallet caviar skin gold ladies 【pre-owned】

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Small scratches are seen in the metal fittings part.
There are square threads, but there are no noticeable dirt on the surface, and it is beautiful.
Though there are thread scratches and light stains on the inside part, it is not as prominent.
There is no damage which stands out as a whole large, it is a beautiful gem.
Outside: Corner: Thread

Inside · Other: Inside: light dirt, thread
Metal part: small scratch

Type Round Fastener Product Description It is an introduction of Chanel's round wallet.
Coin case in the center of the inside, card pockets on both sides of it, wallet etc arranged, wallet with excellent functionality.
Easy to put in and out of money, pockets, there are plenty and storage power is outstanding.
It is a superb gem that is full of elegance and luxury.
typelong wallet
ColorGold / Gold
MaterialCaviar skin
AW about 19 cm x H about 10.5 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketRetractable type: zipper wallet x 2, zipper closure coin purse x 1, card pocket x 8, open pocket x 2
accessoriesSerial seal boutique seal

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