GUCCI Gucci W Hook 233022 Double fold wallet Sima Leather Dark Brown Women's [pre]

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Small scratches / kusumi are seen in the metal fittings.
There are push marks / thread scratches / bond plaques in one place near the wallet opening / closing, but it is not as prominent.
There are no conspicuous dirt on the whole, it is a beautiful gem.
Inside · Other: Inside: thread, dent
Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Type W hook Product Description It is an introduction of Gucci's double fold wallet.
The coin purse opens wide, and even when it is in a hurry, putting in and out can.
There are two wallets, rich in small pockets, storage capacity is outstanding.
It also fits in a small bag.
Part number (model number)233022
ColorDark Brown / Brown
MaterialSima Leather
AW about 12 cm x H about 10.5 cm x D about 2.5 cm
pocketRetractable type: snap button wallet x 2, card pocket x 10, inside open pocket x 2
accessoriesStorage box (slightly damaged)

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