Chloe Chloe Bow Ribbon Round Zipper 3P0290-889 Wallet Lambskin Washed Blue Women's [pre]

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There are very slight rubbing on the front, rear, metal fittings on the outside.
Inside the pocket traces of the pocket can be seen slightly.
A slight dirt can be seen on the side.
There is little feeling of use, it is in a very beautiful state.
Outside: Surface: thread

Inner · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Metal part: small scratch

Type Bow ribbon Model round fastener Product explanation It is an introduction of Bow Ribbon round long wallet from Chloe!
It is a wallet featuring soft leather leather and bright wash-out blue, and a front ribbon.
Since it is a round fastener, there is no worry that the contents fall down, storage capacity is also functional.
It is a wallet that makes shopping fun!
Also recommended for rewards and gifts to yourself!
Please be sure to take this opportunity because the stock is only one point!
Part number (model number)3P0290-889
typelong wallet
ColorWashed blue / blue
AW about 18.5 cm x H about 10 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketRetractable type: zipper fastener opening and closing coin purse x 1, wallet x 2, card pocket x 8, open pocket x 2
accessoriesStorage box, storage bag, guarantee

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